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  1. Hi black magic, im after a massive favour Would you be able to cut Leeds Uniteds new signing, only if you get chance tho Caleb Ekuban thanks again
  2. Hi blackmagic thanks for the last cut you did for me, could you please do these when you get chance, no rush Mallik Wilks Jason Blunt thanks again
  3. Kalvin Phillips cheers blackmagic
  4. Hi Blackmagic hope you have had a good Easter could you please cut these for me Stefan Malz Jim Magilton Eyal Berkovic
  5. Marko Marosi Mitchell Lund Mason Warren
  6. Hi Blackmagic could you do these please Bailey Peacock-Farrell Paul McKay Billy Whitehouse Thanks mate
  7. Lee Marshall Andy Impey Jamie McMaster Thanks again blackmagic appreciate your work
  8. Greg Leur Jermaine Udumaga Hope this has worked blackmagic
  9. Joe Lolly
  10. still not able to post any, will try again later
  11. Anyone having problems uploading photos pictures? saying there all too big, even photos ive previously posted on this page thee saying there too big
  12. Tony Dorigo, John Scales, Mark Jackson
  13. great work as always blackmagic, I've got a couple more ready for you to cut but ill wait until you have done rubin's
  14. Sorry blackmagic didn't realise
  15. Jason Wilcox Teddy Lucic

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